Saturday, September 19, 2009

Stupid new law!

As a Cyclist, motorcyclist and car user, I have seen all sorts of stupid behaviour, by every sort of road user. Accidents are common when cycling and motorcycling, mainly due to other road users failure of concentration. However, there are also accidents caused by the rank stupidity and carelessness of cyclists and motorcyclists. So a new "law" currently being mooted by the "Nanny State", will only strengthen "Anti Cycling" feeling.

The proposal, is to make the higher powered vehicle "Always Guilty" in any accident, thus making cyclists and pedestrians always "innocent". Thus if a pedestrian, or a cyclist, rode or walked out in front of you, you would be the guilty party. Even if you were driving at the legal speed, exercising due diligence and having a roadworthy vehicle.......

Great idea!!! I dont think so, this will just lead to more compensation culture.

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