Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rolle College Fiasco

So, the "deal is off", as reported in our local press, it would now seem the hoped for saving of the "Rolle Campus" as a "post 16 educational facility" is not going to happen. After all the bluster and promises by the local council, the plan has been abandoned. This will now mean, that all the Rolle Campus, faces being sold of for "Macarthy and Stonesque" bijou retirement developments. The infrastructure of Exmouth cannot stand levels of development of this kind. We already have an ageing population, which places an unbalanced strain on local services, why do we need more housing for well of retired civil servants from Walton on Bloody Thames. We need affordable housing for local people, we need real jobs to employ local people and we need investment in industries, for sustained long term growth. We do not need to see expensive luxury retirement apartments being built on the college site, or on the old playing fields. This whole affair is a fiasco of the highest order and I feel questions need to be asked over the deals that were done with the University of Plymouth, when they took over the college, as the whole affair stinks!

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