Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Devon NHS plans to close care homes

It was nice to read in my local paper the Exmouth Journal that our local MP Hugo Swire has asked questions of our local NHS trust, who are planning to close down the care homes in our local town Story Here and Here and thrust many vulnerable and handicapped people into the "jaws of private sector care".

Lets hope he gets some answers, at least that will be more than the relatives of those affected are currently getting. Thanks to "caring Nu Labour" we are seeing far too much of this happening, where the most vulnerable and defenceless in society are being treated like commodities. To be sold to the private sector, thus allowing the NHS to abdicate responsibility for their care and sell their old care homes for private sector redevelopment. This is not the way a caring society operates and these are not the principles on which the founding fathers of the original Labour movement based their party. But then Nu Labour is merely an ersatz copy of true labour, with no morals apart from those of the gutter. Led and populated by self serving, second rate individuals who would be hard pressed to find decent careers in the private sector. They have led us into the biggest financial mess since the great depression and overseen the ruination of our nation, our culture and our moral values, so what hope can one hold out for those too vulnerable to have a voice against their plans?

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