Sunday, September 20, 2009

Knee Jerk Reaction Time!

Well what a surprise, the Government (you know,those people who know whats best for us!) Look like they are going to ban "petting animals" for kids, because of the "E Coli" outbreak at the farm in Surrey. So a generation of children, now face the possibility, that they will never feed a goat, or stroke a donkey, touch a pig, or cuddle a newborn lamb......thanks to the "Orwellian control freaks" that run our country. For years, children have visited country parks, pets corners in zoo's and farms, to learn about and interact with animals. Why does the government see fit to take away everyone's chances of enjoying a visit to such places, all because of an outbreak, which could easily have been caused by parents failing to look after their children correctly and not washing their hands. We face a grave danger, that if we continue to "wrap children up" in cotton wool, we will end up with a generation of kids who have never played!, never grazed a knee or elbow, never climbed a tree, never experienced the thrill of danger or the fear of the unknown, an entire generation of namby pamby,wishy washy future do gooders, fit only for public sector jobs or careers in health and safety or human resources...WTF!!! Kids need to get grubby, have fun, get bruises and scrapes, so they know pain and fear and all the emotions they will need to survive the jungle that awaits them in the big wide world. Then again I suppose that,s not the "Labour Way" is it? Labour needs a compliant soft underbelly, of non questioning sheep to continue unquestioning support of its goals and ambitions, so maybe it will suit their future needs...

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