Saturday, August 15, 2009

Long Time No Post

Well here we are, how time fly's when you are having fun! Nothing much has changed in the world, at least not for the better. Surprisingly the predictions from my Dec 2008 post came true and the recession is biting hard. The useless shower that is the "Labour Government" is still taking the country on a "one way trip down the shitter" and the general public seem more interested in the activities of this countries second rate media stars than they are in our ruination. "Dumbing down en mass methinks".

Budleigh Salterton remains the hotbed of "Latent Nimbyism", with every idea to bring a bit of life to the town being flamed by the "geriatrica" as usual. Perhaps that's what makes the place so quaint....?
The summer has been as crap as any of recent memory and I am sick of the sight of skint morose northerners, wandering around Exmouth and Budleigh without "two brass halfpenny's" to rub together. I know times are tight, but if you cant afford a holiday, don't take one. Stay and be miserable at home.

I have just come back from visiting the battlefields of Normandy and the First World Wars cemeteries around Ypres in Belgium. It is the second time I have been and it is just as sad as the first. We started at Pegasus Bridge and made our way back toward St Mere Eglise. For three days, then rode our motorcycles to Ypres and the surrounding memorials and sites of interest. Very sobering and something I think every British School child should do, alongside a visit to Auschwitz, Oradour Sur Glan and Anne Franks House.

Whilst away an old school friend asked me to write a letter on her behalf to our local MP Hugo Swire, she regularly reads my letters to the paper and required my skills as a scribe.

It would seem, that our "Caring Sharing Labour Government" is insisting on cutbacks within the NHS trust and locally, they are intent on closing several homes for mentally handicapped adults and "dumping them onto the vagaries of the profit led private sector care system" allegedly to give them "Choice"...Don't you just hate that word, these people don't want choice! they want care, attention, warmth and kindness. They want stability, tranquillity and a routine which allows them to lead a calm existence. What they don't want, is to be ripped out of a happy well ordered environment, where they have been for up to 15 years and plunged into some hell hole, where they are a "cash cow" not a human being.

Why why oh why is it always the ill, the handicapped and the infirm or elderly who suffer at the hands of Nu Labour. If they want to cutbacks, spend less on useless pen pushers, quangos,focus groups, ethnic diversity officers and all the PC bullshit that infests every nook and cranny of the public sector. I thought Blair was possibly the worst PM in my lifetime, but Brown is rapidly filling the boots that Tony left him.

Oh well rant over for now! back soon with some more tit bits from my world...........

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