Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Warwickshire Police waste £1.4 million of Taxpayers money

Warwickshire police spent nearly £1.4 million pounds of Taxpayers money to police this years "Bulldog Bash". After a concerted campaign to stop it! Claiming it was a "Fund raising event for organised crime". During the weekend the following were the police figures from their own force web site...

Bulldog Bash – Operational Update

During the four-day operation a total of 450 officers and staff from Warwickshire Police and five other surrounding forces were on duty each day.

The operation resulted in:

* 448 people being searched.
* 11 people being arrested, including:

Two men from Birmingham, aged 41 and 44, were arrested in connection with a robbery in Reading.

One man from Hampshire, aged 44 years, was arrested on a recall to prison for fraud and theft offences.

One man from Lancashire, aged 33 years, was arrested for assault.

Six people were arrested on suspicion of drugs offences.

* In total nine lock knives were surrendered, small amounts of substances believed to be cannabis, cocaine and amphetamine were also recovered.
* There were also 13 street cautions for drugs offences and one for possession of an offensive weapon.

All at a cost of £1.4 million pounds. Now if my maths are correct, that is less than one person searched per officer on duty.

Out of 11 arrests, 3 were unrelated to the event. six were for drugs and 1 assault. Which out of a crowd of 23,000 people, I thought was awesome. As for 9 lock knives and a small amount of drugs seized, not exactly worth the investment of £1.4 million quid.

When the event has been well run and violence free for years.

If Warwickshire Police have that much money in the kitty that they can afford to waste it, I would like to suggest they donate it to "Help for Heroes", as our brave lads are up against real danger every day and paying the ultimate price. They could do with the support when they come home that £1.4 million would bring.....IMHO of course...

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