Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lions Led By Donkeys

Yet again we see the coffins of more of our brave lads coming through "Wooton Bassett" on their way home from Afghanistan. When will Gordon Brown, do the one thing to restore his reputation and negate his lacklustre role in this sordid war and "PULL OUR TROOPS OUT"!

Historically Afghanistan is unwinnable, yet we the public are treated to the endless streeling BS that this government spouts to justify our role there. We are told that it is too "make our streets safe from terrorism", we are told it is to lessen the flow of drugs into this country, we are told the Afghans want us there. None of which cut any ice. We were told that we were in Iraq, because of WMD's only there weren't any. Dr Kelly was blatantly murdered by the establishment as he was an embarrassment to "B Liar and Co", without him putting a spanner in the works, TB could justify jumping on Bush's coat tails and going into Iraq.

The simplest thing we can do, is pull out our forces and bring them home, strengthen our Navy and patrol our coastline, using the Royal Navy and the Raf, backed by the Army on the ground. Any drug smugglers intercepted, just sink their cargo and send them back to wherever they came from. Simple and cheaper than prison. Stop people smugglers and maintain our sovereign integrity. Then we should ensure, that our troops are only sent abroad to intervene in areas where we have legitimate interests, or where the lives of British Nationals are at risk. Meanwhile, the Afghans and the Taliban, can happily bomb themselves back into the stone age and create a regime of their choice.

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