Monday, August 24, 2009

Plastic Glasses in pubs....

Oh my God, I thought "Big Brother Britain" couldn't get any worse, but I read today that the government is investigating the feasibility of forcing pub goers to drink from "Plastic Glasses".

Why you ask, is it "elf an safety", is it "greener", what other possible reason could the arbiters of our personal freedoms have for inflicting yet another blow to pub culture.

Well, you guessed it...Yes that's right, too many people are badly injured by thugs using beer glasses as weapons. So rather than increase deterents, or give prison terms to violent scum, our good old "PC government" are going to do what they do best. "Punish the majority of law abiding citizens" rather than deal with the scum......WOOP WOOP WOOPITY WOOP! what an awesome idea, I bet it took at least two "think tanks" and an "all party committee" to come up with that ludicrous infringement on our civil liberties. Working on the basis that there are also too many people severely injured by cars, I wonder how long it will be, before the government decide we must all drive foam rubber cars?

Who in heavens name comes up with this complete shite, surely they must have something more productive to do?

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