Monday, August 24, 2009

The BNP and the rise of Extremism

We recently had a BNP candidate in the small East Devon Town of Ottery St Mary. Not normally known as a "hot bed" of racial tension, but none the less, indicative of the spread of extremist politics to the leafy lanes rather than the "dark satanic mills" of the north of England...I felt the need to put "quill to parchment" on the subject, my comment reads below....

I am sure, that as the next few years unfold, we will see BNP candidates fielded in far more towns across the South west and support amongst the electorate growing. Sadly, this is the fault of a political class that currently run our country and are not prepared to listen to the worries of the ordinary man in the street. This is how extremism rises, we only need to look back a few scant years, to see the rise of Mussolini, Hitler and Moseley, all extremists, born out of the desperation of recession and depression when the working man and women were ignored by the elite political classes, they were treated like dirt and down trodden. The intelligent leaders of the far right, recognised this and pandered to their fears. Much as the BNP does today. Visit the BNP website and look at their "proposed policies", many of which are nothing more than the things folk worry about and discuss down their local. Bemoaning the fact that the government "never listens". One would have thought that a Labour government would have been more "in tune" with the "working man" but instead they have betrayed the very people who struggled to create their movement many years ago. These people then feel disenfranchised, they fall foul of job cuts, they see their life's work fall apart, their pensions wither, they see crime un punished and a policing system which protects the criminal and affords him or her "rights" whilst denying the victim any form of worthwhile justice. This heady recipe, is one that foments extremism and enables clever leaders to capitalise on peoples fears. Sadly, the "far left" are no better, stupid stunts like pressurising the chairman of Broadclyst Village Hall, so he cancelled a BNP event and "egging" Nick Griffin, only reinforce the BNP's cause, as it is seen that democracy is denied them. This helps them avoid debate in the public arena and thus the magnifying glass never shows the transparency of their policies or their failure to act in a manner which is suitable for a party within a democracy.
I personally do not think the rise in the support for the BNP has been solely down to the recession. We are inheriting the results of a generation of trendy "left wing" thinking, with no "moral yardstick", a generation of "Ethnic Diversity" that we didnt need, as we were all quite able to get on with our neighbours whatever their creed or colour. Unchecked immigration has caused many people to feel "strangers in their own land", yet the government fails to address the problem, those that question it are branded "rascist". Asylum seekers are wideley reported in the media, as being given endless benefits, whether true or not, the damage is done, friction is created. The opening of Europes borders, has made our border, only as weak, as the weakest border in Europe. Once in the EU, unchecked travel, gives illegal immigrants ease of movement, yet the government is so "In Thrall" of Brussels, we do nothing to halt it. Whilst all of these things seem small when taken singly, add them to the recession, the rising crime rate and unemployment and you have a fertile breeding ground. The government and the incoming government, need to address the fears of all folk, before we see history repeat itself, with equally bloody consequences to people of all races that live in this country.

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