Monday, August 17, 2009

Late Night Blues

So, another day over on our little ball of mud and it's work tomorrow. Lets hope that the coming week brings the usual round of excitement and challenge we have come to expect. I wandered around the new Princesshay shopping centre today in search of a 21st present for my daughter. How does this temple to consumerism keep going, already there are empty shops and the ones that are still open are all in the middle of massive sales. Even then, the place was like a morgue! How long will these business's be able to keep going in this current economic climate and how long will it be before "joe public" finally wakes to the fact that as a country we are not only "morally bankrupt" but "financially bankrupt" as well. The government has led us down a path "paved with cash", only now the debts have to be paid and the public purse is empty. I fear the rise of extremist politics, brought on by the stark fact that ordinary men and women can no longer afford to live! Or at least not in the manner to which they have become accustomed, these hard working people are seeing those that do not work and those that sponge off the state, getting everything, whilst they fall by the wayside as their companies lay them off, or their business's go bust. Not exactly a recipe for happiness and contentment. The question that needs asking, is "will someone get a grip of the rudderless HMS Great Britain" before it founders on the rocks? or will Nu Labour just continue following their course to destruction.? Who knows? but someone really needs to for all our sakes.....

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