Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The crunch!

Well, here we are, up crap creek without a paddle, our countries finances in ruins, unemployment rocketing, bankruptcies and repossessions rising, yet like "Nero" Gordon Brown, "fiddles whilst Britain Burns!" I fear that the situation now, will seem like a picnic, after the xmas period is over. With many businesses hanging on by their teeth in the vain hope of a Christmas rush, the New year will see a rush of further job losses and firms closing. The banks will start to pull in lines of credit and minimise their exposure where possible, leading to more personal bankruptcies and repossessions. All the while the "Great Gordo" will stand back and pontificate about his grandiose schemes to borrow more to get us out of trouble, when it is preciseley this borrowing culture that has led us here. It is time that the great British Public, awoke to the fact that our country has been "flushed down the shitter" by Blair, Brown and their Nu Labour cronies. Our once proud nation has been reduced to a giant benefit led, paper driven culture, where innovation and risk have been replaced by short termism and extreem greed . We do not manufacture anything anymore, our farmers have been decimated, so we need to import food, our North Sea Oil has been sold to pay for our benefit culture and our transport infrastructure has been allowed to fall into disrepair, due to a lack of maintenance and poor funding. Virtually every thing we buy, comes from China and all we have become reliant on, is "moving 0's and 1's" via computer keyboard, buying and selling debts and dodgy financial products, leaving ourselves open to a massive crash. To remain in power so long, Nu Labour have promoted excess spending with borrowed money, to instill a "warm fuzzy feeling in the populace", who have been labouring under an illusion of "good times" for far too long. Gordon says he wants to borrow more money to stimulate growth, yet why would this man wish to stimulate, what his party has done so much to destroy? Any money plowed into "growth" by Labour will be good money after bad, as Labour have presided over nil growth, whilst running the country. We need real growth! Innovation, Invention,long term risk and less corperate greed, to get things moving. Lets hope we see some and very soon........................

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