Monday, April 16, 2007

Key Workers!!!!!

On Friday, I caught a whinging whining report on the BBC, about how the poor hard done by, "KEY WORKERS" couldn't afford houses in todays market. We where treated to the sight of one poor soul, who informed us "she had been to university" but couldn't aford a house.!!!

My heart nearly broke with unhappiness for her, I mean, what would one do, all that training, those high wages and now, no house in her price band. What a sad sad tale of woe!! Forget the poor checkout girl on minimum wage at Tesco, or the council street sweeper, neither of whom earn enough for a cardboard box on the streets, let alone a house.... But of course, they are merely lower class in the eyes of our graduate teacher and therefore not needing to have a roof and four walls.

Why is it the media and the government are fixated on "key workers". All workers are important and to my mind, all equally in need of house to live in. The "key workers" seem to think that they should be a special case, why ? i cannot fathom, lets have affordable housing for all as a government aim, not just for a small minority of elitist whingers.

On a cheery note, i attended the annual "Tuckers Maltings beer Festival" in Newton Abbot on Friday. 200 beers to try and a superb event not to be missed. Will definately be back next year!!

Big Ian

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