Sunday, April 08, 2007

Two faced "back stabbing media"

Well well, our good old two faced, back stabbing media, are really sticking the knife into our brave sailors just released by the Iranians. The Daily Mail today, was like a propaganda broadcast by the Tehran government and Littlejohn and Max Hastings just went down to the bottom of my list, for the way they both slagged of the captives. Nice isn't it, when you sit behind a desk or push a pen, how you can state, you feel the hostages were weak under the pressure from their captors and buckled too quick in front of the cameras.
I wonder if it has ever crossed the minds of the idiots that run the media in the UK, that if they were not so happy to show propaganda for the enemy, stunts like capturing 15 sailors would have no propaganda value at all! The trouble is, that our press is just like the press in the USA during the Vietnam war, all too ready to beam enemy propaganda into the homes of ordinary members of the public, whose "need to know" is questionable, with the resulting backlash and positive PR for the enemy!
Can anyone imagine, Winston Churchill, allowing Pathe News and the BBC to show pictures and film interviews of British Airmen captured after being shot down, then forced to apologize for bombing the third Reich? Of course bloody not! because back then, we had some patriotism and pride, in both our country and our armed forces. Now however, the prime minister, the media and the press would happily burn our flag and abandon our soldiers for the sake of a headline....
As for some of the weak kneed desk jockey generals who are calling for heads to roll over this affair, perhaps they should ask, who is it who hamstrings our forces, who writes the rules of engagement and who puts our troops at risk with outdated equipment and insufficient support.
Add to that, the vulture like legal aid brigade, clamoring to support the poor "innocent" Iraqi's
whilst heaping blame and claim on our troops and I am surprised we have any military left.
I have been a Daily Mail and Sunday Mail reader now for over 25 years and I am afraid after your comments today from your "leading columnists" , I will never purchase a Mail again.

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