Thursday, April 05, 2007


Have you ever had one of those days where your blood starts clotting in your veins? and you find your head shaking in disbelief so much your neck aches?

Well that was today and yesterday. i had the joy (not) of registering the company I work for on the governments new "cash generation scheme" known as WEEE!! or for you laymen/women The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive)

If you thought WEEE was Yellow liquid waste matter, think again! this WEEE is government bullshit under an environmental guise!. Yes folks, good old Gordy and the "tree hugging" revenue boys have found a new way to destroy more British business's and reduce our competitiveness.

Surprisingly, the good old boys from the EU have got their sticky little fingers "tainted with weee!" and now they are forcing us to "take the piss" (how many more toilet puns can i get in one post?) From just about now, any Uk producer/importer and distributor will have to label all electrical products with a new symbol (wheelie bin with a cross through it) to denote that all electrical goods must only be dumped at approved recycling centres, set up expressly for that purpose. But to cap it all, the said producers, are obliged to pay the cost of collecting the dead item from the purchaser, then paying for its removal and ecological destruction.

It beggars belief! can you imagine, if everyone who bought a TV from currys, rang them up and demanded that their scrap telly s be picked up, the cost alone would be horrendous, yet this government would rather bring in this stealth tax, than make it easier to let people dump old electrical goods at current waste facility's. I dread to think the level of fly tipping we will see after this ghastly piece of legislation becomes fully implemented or the number of people who will fall foul of it.

The government dept that creates acronyms was obviously on Weee, when they wrote this or "double time",because I have never seen so many acronyms in one document.

I await with interest the continuation of this saga..................................................

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