Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Not Inspired of late.

Well well, inspiration has hit a low at present, not enough in the world to whinge about!! So haven't blogged lately. The news is depressing and the weather has gone to rats. I have got a 55 mile cycle ride on 24th June for Cancer relief and I did my knee in at work a couple of weeks ago. That is giving me a bit of stick, as i am trying to train. Totally fed up with politics in this country, there is no credible alternative to Labour, so we continue to suffer at the hands of a corrupt and despotic dictatorship, with the joy of looking forward to having Gordy as PM. (oh joy)

A tee shirt I saw sums it up, it read....

A Kingdom is run by a "KING"

A Dictatorship is run by a "DICTATOR"

Looks like we must be living in a "COUNTRY"!!!

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