Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednsday Blues

Hey its the last Wednesday of the month and two days from pay day.... Like most ordinary folk I am completely brassic and its a "store cupboard tea" for me tonight. As usual on a Wednesday I have been preparing the pub quiz for my local, the Dog and Donkey at Knowle in Budleigh Salterton, Devon England if you want some super grub and top real ale. Usualy draught bass, otter and another guest ale (Spitfire this week)
Alas I could really do with a nice pint of otter, the throat is as dry as a kangaroo's pouch, but no beer til tomorrow for me, sob sob.

Interesting article in our local daily today. A local hard working tree surgeon, was at a family christening in a local pub, when he discovered his brother had been assaulted by an aggravating drunk. As I would have done and many like me, the good gent decided to remonstrate with the drunken miscreant and proceeded to hit him, upon which chummy fell of his barstool and hit his head on the floor, allegedly fracturing his skull. As seems the way in this country, good old mr plod and the courts have just given him a six month sentence and ordered him to carry out community service. What a shame they didnt see fit to prosecute the drunk for assaulting his brother...............................You couldnt make it up could you..

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