Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ultimate Insult

Well here it is, the ultimate insult to the members of the armed forces who have been injured "in the line of duty"!!! Reported today in the daily mail, one soldier who gets £56 a week for losing half his arm, another gets a similar benefit award after serving in Northern Ireland then as a chopper pilot and being blown up, whilst one of the "leeches"!! Oh sorry, politicians, is putting in a £300,000 claim because she slipped and hurt her ankle at the house of commons.

You couldnt make it up could you! Put your life on the line for Queen and country and get screwed!!! Or take a cushy number as an MP and screw us!. Right on Mrs MP, I hope you can sleep well in your bed at night, safe in the knowledge that in some far flung corner of this "war torn globe", men and women, born of this land are laying down their lives so you can "stiff them"!! Hypocritical scum comes to mind, but then doesn't that sum up this government!!!

No Mr Bloody "Carbon Footprint Cameron", you don't come out smelling of roses either, you and your stinkingly PC Party are responsible for a good MP and ex military man resigning, so you can blame him for racism, when all he did was tell the truth about "some" ethnic minority members of the armed forces. He didn't lie, yet telling the truth is as unpalatable to you, as it is to Labour and their spinners. You like to be seen promoting your "green credentials", cycling to work, yet what about the car that follows you with you bodyguards in, you might as well ride with them, at least that would negate the CO2 you produce whilst cycling..........

I dread to think who we will have to suffer in power at the next election, but whether it be Scotland's friend, Gordon Brown, or "Eco" Dave, I fear we face more of the waste beaurocracy and inefficiency that we currently suffer, whilst paying higher taxes for less. IMHO, we are sorely in need of radical measures to shake up British Politics and to restore governance to the people, for the people. But I wont hold my breathe for that...

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