Saturday, March 24, 2007

Thank crunchie its friday...

Oh well here we go, another weekend awaits, of boredom and monotony.

What can be wrong you ask? I should be celebrating the chancellors budget! Well wasn't that a complete piece of shit. God forbid when that moron is running our country, it will be time to move to Scotland, because that will be the only place he will do any favours for..


15 of our brave Royal Navy personnel have been snatched by the Iranians whilst carrying out searches of vessels in Iraq, I wonder if our spineless leader will lift his hand to do anything about it. As they aren't foreign office officials on an Ethiopian "jolly" I doubt it, he seems incapable of lifting a finger to help our armed forces in any useful way whatsoever, by the time next year comes all our Navy will be tied up alongside, with no money to put to sea. Our troops will still be driving crappy old land rovers and our RAF will be cannibalizing broken down planes for spares. All the while still trying to do their job with the skill and professionalism for which they are renowned, whilst back at home, the asbo yobs will be terrorizing the neighborhood free from fear of punishment or retribution.

Ask this question of yourself, "why is it that our elderly and frail citizens" are terrorized in their own homes and the innocent are scared to go out at night, yet Tony Blair and this government give "not a jot" for them, yet are happy to commit our armed forces to "restore a democracy" in a country where we are not wanted and are despised. We should be sorting out the rot at home first whilst strengthening our military to deal with protecting our homeland from those who seek to harm us....

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