Monday, March 26, 2007

Bar room politics

Has anyone ever noticed how, when the talk turns to politics down the local, we all seem to concur on the same things. Or at least the non guardian reading, politically incorrect ones of us do. Basically, i have found that most people to whom I have spoken, think David Kelly was murdered because he was embarrassing Tony Blair, we should not have gone into Iraq on the basis of non existent WMD's and even worse, we should no way be in Afghanistan. Especially as the Russians before us, who were ruthless, could not tame the Taliban. What hope do we have?
We may have some of the best and most professional troops in the world, but like most western powers, we are forced to "fight by the rules" and sad to say, the opposition tore the rule book up years ago..The yanks found out in both Korea and Vietnam that the power of the media and the peace loving tree huggers will lose the war at home, regardless of the result in the theater of war.
The troops on the ground face risks which no one who is not there can ever attempt to understand, yet the press and money grabbing legal aid lawyers sit like vultures, ready to pick the bones over any action that takes place, to fill the pages of the tabloids with "good copy".
It is about time that we utilised the skills of our armed forces where they are really needed, IE on the streets of the UK! A little bit of martial law, might tame some of the asbo yobbos and eastern european mafiosi who seem to infest our major cities and roam at will. If we wish to regain control of our streets, we need to first seal our borders, which being an island and having a Navy, should present no problems. A customs post in every port and a Navy patrol boat to back them up = no more smugglers/drug runners or people smugglers. Then move our customs posts from our airports and ports, to the points of embarkation instead, checking right of entry and visa details before the passengers land in the Uk, makes it easier to tell them to "sling their hook" without having to then house them in "asylum seekers processing centers at our expense".
All immigrants with no job, should be removed to their country of entry and refused permission to return. Also, all persons entering the country, should show visible means of support, or holiday documents or booking information to allow bona fide tourists free movement.
Whilst none of these measures will clean up our streets instantly, the long term savings in both crime related costs and reduced military expenditure will benefit all of us.
The question being, which political party will have the bottle to bring in measures to return Britain to the British?
Whilst you are thinking that i am a complete rascist, I have no axe to grind against any particular creed or colour and a persons sexual orientation is of no worry to me. You do not have to be from an ethnic minority to be a lazy workshy scumbag, there are plenty of white lazy scum, who have no incentive to work, the wrong is, that I can say that without fear, but should I accuse someone from a minority group, I would be accused of rascism, however true the statement.
If we hope to regain the streets, we need to regain peoples pride, both in their country, their government and their own ability to provide for and house their own. As it is, this and previous governments have produced a "benefit underclass" with no hope, aim or ambition. It is these people who are the hard core and whose children are the next "benefit generation", with no hope for the future. Those in public office show such low moral fibre, that these youngsters have no positive role models or heroes. Apart from those alleged "media" stars, many of whom are no more than ignorant arrogant, poorly educated examples of all that is bad, yet are catapulted to fame to feed the voracious appetite of those whose intellectual high point is Coronation Street, or the Jeremy Kyle Show.
I and many of my generation, will not probably live to see the destruction of society as we know it, but i feel sure, that without radical measures, that is all we have to look forward too.


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