Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fire Chiefs Earn, whilst their men burn!!!

Well here is a cracker, as reported in todays Western Morning News. It would seem that greed has no bounds in the eyes of those in the hierarchy of Devon and Somerset fire brigade.

Whilst Devon faces major swinging cuts in fire cover and manpower, fire Chief Paul Young and four other senior fire officers were awarded "more than £109,000 in wage increases". Their cynicism knows no bounds and I cannot believe how people in positions of power such as this can expect any respect from the fireman on the ground. This is at a time when fire fighters face daily attacks from yobs and scum whilst attending "shouts" and in some areas are being issued with "DNA" kits to get DNA samples from phlegm, which has been spat at them.

This, stinks and is just another example of mis management, greed and avarice, with public funds.


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