Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Anniversary to me...

Only 11 days to go....yeeee harrrr!!! and its my anniversary. No not my wedding anniversary, but the third anniversary of me being knocked of my motorcycle and injured by that blind piece of human excrement TIM CHADWICK I am sure good old Tim will be enjoying the festive season with his "Born again Christian mates" all having a little jolly at this festive time. Well "Timmy Baby" I wont be having a jolly, because i am still suffering, looking forward to another visit to a back specialist on the 21st, because i am losing the feeling in my toes. Oh and of course your stinking insurance company still haven't settled. Because "oh yes, I forgot" you driving half a ton of ******* toyota into me, didn't cause me any long term problems, just exacerbated a pre existing condition!!! I do hope you never break any limbs in a ******* car accident, coz guess bloody what, once they have healed, I might just pop round and break them again, after all, they couldn't charge me, because i would only be exacerbating a pre existing condition!!! YOU ******
All I can say at this festive time of year, is "I hope you choke to ****ing death on a stuffing ball" at least you will get to meet your "chum upstairs"

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