Sunday, July 01, 2007

been writing to the Western Morning News Again

Not particularly normal of me to write such a politicized letter, we will see if they publish it, although having had one in the E and E last week and one in the WMN this, i may be pushing my luck..

I was sad to read in the papers on Wednesday that Tony Blair was finally leaving us, but my sadness was for only one single reason!

That reason, being Gordon Brown. For if Tony was bad, I think Gordon will be a complete disaster. The advantage, if any, with Blair, was that although he was busy ruining the country, he loved to "posture" on the world stage and therefore did not, luckily for us, concentrate his energies 100% on the destruction of this country and its institutions. Gordon however, seems far less of an "international politician" and I fear "Tony's legacy" will pale into insignificance, in relation to Gordon’s.

With interest, I scanned the national media to see the comments of Blair’s acolytes on the fantastic achievements of his years in power and I could not believe my eyes to read some of the complete drivel with which he was being credited. How can anyone, however deluded, be fooled into thinking that he has: A: improved the NHS. B: lowered unemployment C: improved care for the elderly and disabled or most laughably D: reduced crime in this country and “brought peace and democracy to Iraq”!! Even living as we do, in a beautiful area of the country, it would be hard for anyone to accept any positive aspect of “Blair’s Britain”.

Whilst I would be the first to admit, that David Cameron and the Conservatives are no better. Bestowing honours upon TB, for his great works is a total "crock" The man and his government have taken this country to "Hell in a handcart" and mark my words, it will only get worse.

As a nation, we need to “wake up” and "smell the beans", to look around ourselves and observe the hospitals, riddled with infections, look at the thousands of bureaucrats, behind the scenes. See the money that this government haemorrhage's away into quangos and spin-doctors. Watch the local councils and see them closing old peoples homes and homes for disabled kids, due to “a lack of funding”, whilst advertising jobs at 40k a year for "outreach workers", or "ethnic minority inclusion officers" etc. Whilst the burden of ever increasing council taxation allied to reductions in services affect our daily lives and the insidious introduction of environmental taxes on us, as a means of “stealth taxation” actually does nothing for the environment, merely funds more beaurocracy and regulation.

Look in your shopping trolley and if you are lucky enough to be able to read after having exited our "dumbed down education system", read the labels, see where your food and shopping comes from. Observe how little we produce anymore and how much we rely on imports of food and vital products. Take in the environment around you, observe the litter, the drabness, the state of our roads and utilities and ask yourself why? Where are our taxes spent?

Walk the streets of any town and feel the cold chill of fear that now stalks many former havens of peace and tranquillity. Ask yourself, "do I feel safe?". When was the last time you saw a police officer? Even worse, when was the last time you held a Police officer, a Judge or a politician in any form of respect? When was the last time that you saw a criminal adequately punished for crimes against the innocent?

Our police forces have become politicised beyond belief and are now little more than some sort of “eastern European Stasi” more interested in enforcing “PC government dictats” than making our streets safe for all. The legal and judicial system has become a “cash cow”, with millions being made on legal aid and compensation claims, whilst true justice for the victims of real accidents and crimes has become a joke. Those people who “make the laws”, administer and run the legal system and also much of government, make “true justice” a mere “pipe dream”, but allow themselves a dangerously large amount of power, over all of us “mere mortals”

These, unfortunately are the legacies of “Blair’s Britain” and we must ask, “Whatever happened to our Britain”? Sadly though, until we see a great "sea change" in British politics and a return to politics being "For the people and by the people", we as a country will only have ourselves to blame for the mess we have allowed ourselves to become....

I R Woolger

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